SEFTC Coalition Members

The Southeastern Foottrails Coalition is a member support, non-profit 501c(3) organized

  • to promote and protect the long-distance foot trails in the Southeast and
  • to connect trails and their natural trail corridors by building a regional trail system
  • and an active network of hiking organizations. 

The SEFTC began as an experiment in its first meeting in the early 1990’s at Unicoi State Park in Georgia. It was soon made a formal organization growing out of a joint grant as a first regional hiking organization with funding for an executive director and office for five years provided by the American Hiking Society and the National Park Service. That grant has since expired, and we have been able to continue on our own through programs and projects provided since entirely by volunteers. The biennial meetings have continued faithfully ever since, moving around several southeastern states.

SEFTC became incorporated in North Carolina in 2012 and secured the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status in 2014.

Coalition members come from across 14 states in the Southeast, from Kentucky to Virginia, to Florida and Alabama and all states in-between.  Click on the members logo to learn more about the work of our coalition members.